Running CLDump.vbs

A few days ago I uploaded a new VBscript example called CLDump.vbs.  This script is intended to run as a batch script which means it is run with the Mentor supplied mgcscript command line tool.  Some scripts can be run by dragging the script on top of the application, in this case, Library Manager, however this script cannot be run this way nor can it be run from the File->Script menu.

The mgcscript application is available on both Windows and Linux and is helpful for developing and running cross platform scripts.

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New purpose for Userware Toolbox

Back in 2001 I created the Userware Toolbox as a project to put the various AMPLE scripts and utilities I had written under version control.  Many of them had become widely used and complex enough that they needed to managed correctly.  I put half a dozen projects (e.g. AI_Tk, RoadMapper, etc.) under CVS control where they remain today.  There hasn’t been any updates to any of these utilities in quite some time nor do I expect there to be in the future.

With the Automation layer in the Enterprise Expedition flow maturing, I have recently gotten involved in developing example scripts again.  While I don’t expect to produce scripts in the quantities or complexity I did with the Board Station flow, I do think some of the things I’ve been working on are of general interest as examples and some of the things I’ve figured out how to ought to be captured.

I decided to add the examples and set up this blog to document what I’ve done.  Hopefully others will find this useful.  The obvious question is why don’t I just post this on Mentor Communities?  I will but there are somethings I want to make sure are connected to the source code repository as well.  Speaking of which, the original AMPLE projects are managed with CVS.  Anything new will be managed with Subversion which I prefer to CVS.  Over time I may move the AMPLE stuff over to Subversion but it is a very low priority.

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